YAKINDU Solidity Tools – 雅肯都坚固工具区块链毕设代写

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YAKINDU Solidity Tools - 雅肯都坚固工具

YAKINDU Solidity Tools

Visit our website here

Download all-in-one distribution here

The free to use, open source YAKINDU Solidity Tools provides an integrated development environment for ethereum / solidity based smart contracts.

It features all the goodies you can expect from a professional IDE, including

  • code completion
  • quick fixes
  • templates
  • live validation
  • outline
  • code navigation
  • semantic highlighting
  • solidity compiler integration
  • and much more!

As an Eclipse based IDE, YAKINDU Solidity Tools can easily be integrated into your existing toolchain.

YAKINDU Solidity Tools - 雅肯都坚固工具


The source code of YAKINDU Solidity Tools is provided under the Eclipse Public License.

Note that YAKINDU Solidity Tools is in early beta state and we give no warranty on the correctness of any output it produces. If you find a bug or have a feature request please use our issue tracker to report it.

Download & Installation

In addition to the source code provided here on GitHub we also provide ready-to-use builds for Windows (Linux and OS X is under construction) along with an Eclipse update site. If you just want to use YAKINDU Solidity Tools we strongly recommend to go this way.

Download a package from our download page: https://info.itemis.com/yakindu/solidity/download/

Or install via update site into latest Eclipse: https://updates.yakindu.com/solidity/milestones

How to Contribute

We appreciate feedback of any kind and there are various ways to do so:

  • Report bugs and request features in our issue tracker
  • Follow @yakindu on twitter and spread the word about this project.
  • Get the source code (see below) – fork it – work on it – and provide pull requests …

Build everything from source

If you are familiar with Eclipse plugin development then you may want to checkout the source, setup the development environment, and start working with it. In this case you have the options described below.

How to setup your developer workspace

  1. Download Eclipse Oxygen from https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/
  2. Install the current Xtext release: Help / Install new Software / select ‘Oxygen – http://download.eclipse.org/releases/oxygen’ / Select Modeling / Xtext Complete SDK
  3. Clone this Git Repo: Activate the Git perspective and clone the following Git Repository: https://github.com/Yakindu/solidity-ide.git / Select ‘Import projects’ on the ‘working directory’ subfolder
  4. Set target platform: Open the target file in project com.yakindu.solidity.target / click on the link to set the target platform (takes some minutes the first time)
  5. Build Xtext grammar: Right click on com.yakindu.solidity.GenerateSolidity.mwe2 => Run As.. => MWE2 Workflow

After these steps all projects should compile without errors. To launch a runtime instance which has these projects as installed plugins, just right-click on a project => Run As => Eclipse Application

YAKINDU Solidity Tools - 雅肯都坚固工具

Yakendu Solidity Tools



免费使用、开源的YAKINDU Solidity工具为基于以太坊eth/Solidity的智能合约提供了一个集成的开发环境。

它拥有专业IDE的所有优点,包括作为基于Eclipse的IDE,Yakendu Solidity工具可以轻松地集成到您现有的工具链中。

  • 代码完成
  • 快速修复
  • 模板
  • 实时验证
  • 大纲
  • 代码导航
  • 语义高亮
  • solidity编译器集成
  • 等等!

As an Eclipse based IDE, YAKINDU Solidity Tools can easily be integrated into your existing toolchain.

YAKINDU Solidity Tools - 雅肯都坚固工具


YAKINDU Solidity工具的源代码是在Eclipse公共许可证下提供的。

请注意,YAKINDU Solidity Tools处于早期测试阶段,我们不对其产生的任何输出的正确性提供任何保证。如果您发现一个错误或有一个功能要求,请使用我们的问题跟踪器报告它。


除了GitHub上提供的源代码之外,我们还提供了一个现成的Windows版本(Linux和OS X正在构建中),以及一个Eclipse更新站点。如果您只想使用YAKINDU Solidity工具,我们强烈建议您这样做。





  • 在我们的问题跟踪器中报告bug和请求特性
  • 在twitter上关注@yakindu并传播关于这个项目的消息。
  • 获取源代码(见下文)-分叉-处理-并提供拉请求。。。



How to setup your developer workspace

  1. 从https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/
  2. 安装当前Xtext版本:帮助/安装新软件/选择“氧气-http://download.eclipse.org/releases/oxygen’/Select Modeling/Xtext Complete SDK
  3. 克隆此Git Repo:激活Git透视图并克隆以下Git存储库:https://github.com/Yakindu/solidity-ide.git/在“工作目录”子文件夹中选择“导入项目”
  4. 设置目标平台:在project中打开目标文件com.yakindu.solidity公司.target/单击链接以设置目标平台(第一次需要几分钟)
  5. 构建Xtext语法:右键单击com.yakindu.solidity公司.GenerateSolidity.mwe2生成=>运行方式。。工作流=&gt

完成这些步骤后,所有项目都应编译无误。要启动一个将这些项目作为已安装插件的运行时实例,只需右键单击项目=>Run as=>Eclipse应用程序




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