Aragon Futarchy – 阿拉贡未来派区块链毕设代写

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Aragon Futarchy

A simple app to bring the innovation of futarchy to Aragon-based DAOs.

Powered by Gnosis conditional tokens framework.

General features list

  • Prediction market creation (deliberate outcome amounts and expiration date).
  • Use ETH (WETH) as collateral.
  • Outcome shares trading (buying/selling).
  • Possibility, for a market owner, to close the market ahead of time (useful as the app is currently in a POC state, not when used in real life situations).
  • Redeem positions once a market you were invested in closes.


  • Proper oracle (Kleros, implementation to determine correct outcomes once a market has to be resolved.
  • Unwrap ETH before actually sending it back to the user (right now on shares sell and position redeems, WETH is sent back, even though when collateralizing a market or buying, raw ETH is used and wrapped on demand).
  • On trade, actually transfer the ERC1155 tokens to the user (for simplicity’s sake, right now the Aragon app’s contract holds all the tokens and keeps track of which address possesses how much tokens for a certain position, in order to avoid manually setting the allowance).
  • Use multiple collateral options.


In order to fire up a local Ganache network with the contracts ready to go, and to deploy the Aragon client frontend, simply use the yarn start command.


A brief demo video explaining how the app works is available here.

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chore: renaming from prediction markets to futarchy

Aragon Futarchy




  • 预测市场创建(有意的结果金额和到期日期)。
  • 使用ETH(WETH)作为抵押品。
  • 买卖结果。
  • 对于市场所有者来说,提前关闭市场的可能性(由于应用程序目前处于POC状态,而不是在现实生活中使用时)非常有用。
  • 一旦你投资的市场关闭,赎回头寸。


  • 正确的甲骨文(Kleros,真的.io)一旦市场需要解决,就要实施确定正确的结果。
  • 在实际发送回用户之前,将ETH拆开(目前在股票出售和头寸赎回时,WETH会被退回,即使在市场抵押或购买时,原始ETH是使用并按需包装的)。
  • 在交易时,实际将ERC1155代币转移给用户(为了简单起见,目前Aragon应用程序的合同中包含所有代币,并记录某个位置上哪个地址拥有多少代币,以避免手动设置折让)。
  • 使用多个抵押品选项。在


为了启动一个本地Ganache网络,并部署Aragon客户端前端,只需使用yarn start命令。





chore: renaming from prediction markets to futarchy


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