PupperCoin_Crowdsale – 傀儡集市区块链毕设代写

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PupperCoin_Crowdsale - 傀儡集市


Project Background

A company has decided to crowdsale their PupperCoin token in order to help fund the network development. This network will be used to track the dog breeding activity across the globe in a decentralized way, and allow humans to track the genetic trail of their pets. The company has already worked with the necessary legal bodies and has the green light on creating a crowdsale open to the public. However, they are required to enable refunds if the crowdsale is successful and the goal is met, and you are only allowed to raise a maximum of 300 Ether. The crowdsale will run for 24 weeks.

Some crowdsale contract features:

  • An ERC20 token will be created and be minted through a Crowdsale contract that can be leveraged from the OpenZeppelin Solidity library.
  • This crowdsale contract manages the entire process, allowing users to send ETH and get back PUP (PupperCoin).
  • This contract will mint the tokens automatically and distribute them to buyers in one transaction.
  • The crowdsale contract inherits from Crowdsale, CappedCrowdsale, TimedCrowdsale, RefundableCrowdsale, and MintedCrowdsale.
  • The crowdsale will be conducted on the Kovan testnet in order to get a real-world pre-production test in.

PupperCoin.sol file creates a standard ERC20Mintable token. It uses an ERC20Detailed contract.

Crowdsale.sol file takes in the following parameters:

  • rate – rate in TKNbits
  • wallet – sale beneficiary
  • goal – cap of the crowdsale
  • openingTime – is set equal to now
  • closingTime – is set equal to now + 24 weeks

As mentioned previously, this contract inherits from the following OpenZeppelin contracts:

  • Crowdsale – takes in rate, wallet, and token as parameters
  • CappedCrowdsale – takes in goal as a parameter
  • TimedCrowdsale – takes in openingTime and closingTime as parameters
  • RefundableCrowdsale – takes in goal as a parameter
  • MintedCrowdsale

It is important to note that the RefundableCrowdsale constructor is called instead of the RefundablePostDeliveryCrowdsalecontract because RefundablePostDeliveryCrowdsale inherits the RefundableCrowdsale constructor.

Testing the Crowdsale

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PupperCoin_Crowdsale - 傀儡集市





  • 将创建一个ERC20代币,并通过可从OpenZeppelin Solidity中利用的众包合同进行铸造图书馆。
  • 这个众包合同管理整个过程,允许用户发送ETH并取回PupperCoin。
  • 此合同将自动生成代币,并在一次交易中将其分发给买家。
  • 众筹合同继承自众筹、封顶众筹、TimedCrowdsale、可退款众筹和MintedCrowdsale。
  • 众包销售将在Kovan testnet上进行,以便在中进行真实的预生产测试。



  • 费率-TKNbits中的费率
  • 钱包-销售受益人
  • 目标-众包销售的上限
  • 开放时间-设置为现在
  • 结束时间-设置为现在+24周,而token作为参数


  • CappedCrowdsale-以入站目标为参数
  • TimedCrowdsale-以openingTime和closingTime为参数
  • TimedCrowdsale – takes in openingTime and closingTime as parameters
  • RefundableCrowdsale – takes in goal as a parameter
  • MintedCrowdsale







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