Token Vortex – 令牌漩涡区块链毕设代写

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Token Vortex

TokenVortex is an Ethereum contract management and testing app. See for more details on functionality.

  • The client side is an Angular application.
  • The server side is a Node based Express application.
  • Account and contract data is stored and retrieved from a MongoDb database.
  • Ethers is used to interface with the Ethereum network.

Backlog Tasks

The app needs more work. Here is a list of the features that will be added. Pull requests welcome.

  • Capture method outputs: Outputs from view method calls need to be captured and stored in a custom field. The outputs are specified in the ABI so the same code used to specify inputs can be used.
  • Push transaction updates: At the moment, a refresh button is supplied to get updates on running transactions. By incorporating RXJS Observables with, updates will be received as push notifications.
  • Run All: Sequences are currently run manually one method at a time. ‘Run all’ functionality needs to be added in to fully automate running the sequence.
  • Events: Contract events are also specified in the ABI so capturing these should be similar to capturing ‘view’ transaction outputs.
  • Results Table: The results are currently displayed as a JSON dump with an Etherscan link. A results table is needed to clean up the diplay of transaction results.
  • Compiler: Incorporate the solc library to compile contracts

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Token Vortex


  • 客户端是一个有角度的应用程序。
  • 服务器端是基于节点的Express应用程序。
  • 账户和合同数据存储并从MongoDb数据库中检索。
  • 以太网用于与以太坊eth网络连接。



  • 捕获方法输出:需要捕获视图方法调用的输出并将其存储在自定义字段中。输出在ABI中指定,因此可以使用用于指定输入的相同代码。
  • 推送事务更新:目前,提供了一个刷新按钮来获取运行事务的更新。通过将RXJS观测值与插座.io,更新将作为推送通知接收。
  • 全部运行:序列当前手动运行,一次只运行一个方法运行所有’功能需要添加到完全自动化运行序列。
  • 事件:契约事件也在ABI中指定,因此捕获这些事件应该类似于捕获“视图”事务输出。
  • 结果表:结果当前显示为带有Etherscan链接的JSON转储。需要一个results表来清理事务结果的diplay。
  • 编译器:合并solc库来编译契约



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