B9lab-ETH30: RockPaperScissors – B9lab-ETH30:石头剪刀区块链毕设代写

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B9lab-ETH30: RockPaperScissors

Small project and assisted by https://academy.b9lab.com

You will create a smart contract named RockPaperScissors whereby:

  • Alice and Bob play the classic rock paper scissors game.
  • to enrol, each player needs to deposit the right Ether amount, possibly zero.
  • to play, each player submits their unique move.
  • the contract decides and rewards the winner with all Ether wagered.

Of course there are many ways to implement it so we leave to yourselves to invent. How can this be the 3rd project and not the 1st?? Try.

Stretch goals:

  • make it a utility whereby any 2 people can decide to play against each other.
  • reduce gas costs as much as you can.
  • let players bet their previous winnings.
  • how can you entice players to play, knowing that they may have their funding stuck in the contract if they faced an uncooperative player?




  • 爱丽丝和鲍勃玩经典的石头剪刀布游戏。
  • 要注册,每位玩家需要存入正确的以太币金额,可能为零。
  • 要玩,每个玩家都提交自己独特的移动。
  • 合同决定并奖励赢家全部下注。



  • 让它成为一个实用工具,任何两个人都可以决定互相比赛。
  • 尽可能降低汽油成本。
  • 让玩家下注他们以前赢的钱。
  • 如果球员面对一个不合作的球员,他们的资金可能会在合同中卡住,你怎么能吸引他们上场呢?你知道吗




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