BotNet 🤖 – 僵尸网络🤖区块链毕设代写

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BotNet 🤖


Inspired by SushiSwap ( & the games “The Division” & “Cyberpunk2077”. I wanted to create a real world version of being in a futuristic society where everything is online, holograms are everywhere, and cybernetics are everywhere in the world. I essentially tried to create the currency for one of these worlds, with the ability to encrypt your Credits (the native currency) and transfer them to a HackerBot to begin hacking (the equivalent of staking). The HackerBot infiltrates the overworld government banking systems and disguises itself as a bank account, accurring interest from the bank. However, the HackerBot uses special tech to manipulate and boost the base interest rate for itself, causing an upsurge in credit generation over time.

I’m currently thinking about converting to an ERC1155 standard so that I could impliment NFTs (maybe bounties or special things to hack) which can be exchanged for Credits. Then I could eventaully turn it into a game with Engine or Unity.

This project isn’t intended to be the next world currency, just a project I enjoy building and learning from. If you decide to use my project, I hope the best for your experience. If you have any questions/requests, please comment on this repo!

Workflow Diagram

BotNet 🤖 - 僵尸网络🤖

Contracts & Functionalities

InfoBot 📋

Acts as a storage, containing all the data of each user.


  • symbol: Returns the symbol of the ERC20 token, credits.
  • name: Returns the name of the ERC20 token, credits.
  • decimals: Returns the decimals of the ERC20 token, credits.
  • totalSupply: Returns the totalCreditsSupply of the ERC20 token, credits.
  • balanceOf: Returns the tokenOwner’s creditBalance.
  • transfer: Calls the internal function _transfer, with recipient & amount inputs, to handle all the dirty work.
  • transferFrom: Calls the internal function _transfer, with tokenOwner address, who that tokenOwner address is transfering to, and how much, while deducting the allowance from msg.sender.
  • approve: Updates msg.sender’s allowed spending from _spender’s balance.
  • viewAllowance: Takes in the address of the person with the allowance and the person that is allowing them to spend tokens, and returns how much the first address can spend.
  • generateCredits: Allows the owner to create credits & send them to a specific user, while adding them to the total supply.
  • deleteCredits: Allows the owner to delete credits from their account, lowering the total supply.
  • receive: Reverts tx if ether is sent to the contract by mistake.

CreditsITO (Inital Token Offering)

  • buyCredibytes_forETH: Allows early investors to exchange ether for credibytes.
  • convertCredibytesToCredits: Allows the user to conver their credibytes to credits.
  • setRate_EthToCredibytes: Allows the owner to update the ether to credits conversion rate.
  • setRate_CredibytesToCredits: Allows owner to update the credibytes to credits conversion rate.
  • updateMinimumRequirement: Allows owner to update the minimum amount of eth to partake in the ITO.
  • finalise: Allows the owner to finalise the Inital Token Offering (ITO) prematurely.
  • receive: Reverts tx if the current block is larger than the timelock activation block, otherwise it directs the tx to buyCredits_forETH.

HackerBot 👥💬💰 [work in progress]

  • encrypt_And_Hack: You input an encryptAmount of Credits into the HackerBot, which then encrypts the funds. After the conversion, the HackerBot starts hacking, and after 30 days, the total amount of funds initally injected into it is increased by 2%. Becareful though, the HackerBot can only commence a single hack at a time. If you wish to retrieve your funds, you must either wait for it to finish hacking or abortHack.
  • decryptPortion_And_beginNewHack: Begins a new hack after allowing users to decrypt more credits and, if they choose to, withdraw a porition of the encrypted HackerBot funds (such as profits from previously completed hack).
  • decrypt_And_Redeem: When the hacking progress is complete, you are able to decrypt the funds and transfer the inital amount + the profit to your Credits balance.
  • cancelHack: Allows you to cancel the current hack in progress, transfering the funds back into your Credit balance, without any penalty or profit.
  • viewHack: Displays the inital encrypted balance deposited into the HackerBot, the encrypted balance after the hack, the profit after the hack, and the time remaining until the hack is complete (in seconds, minutes, hours and days).

SwapBot 🏦

  • depositEther: Deposits ether into exchange.
  • withdrawEther: Withdraws ether from exchange.
  • despositCredits: Deposits credits into exchange.
  • withdrawCredits: Withdraws credits from exchange.
  • balanceOf: Checks the inputted user’s inputted token address’s balance (i.e. ether address’s balance for the user inputted).
  • makeOrder: Creates an order for the user, waiting to be filled.
  • cancelOrder: Allows the creator of an order to cancel it. Creator can delete any order they create via order id.
  • fillOrder: Allows the user to fill an order that is placed.
  • fallback: Reverts tx if ether is sent to the contract by mistake.

DistributionBot 📠

The DistributionBot receives and distributes Credits, from rogue HackerBots that have accumulated funds from exploiting systems on the Net, to the users that are a part of the Enigma. You may enter the Enigma by paying the entrance fee required at the time.

  • enterEnigma: Users pay the fee to enter the Enigma.
  • leaveEnigma: Users can choose to leave the Enigma.
  • updateFee: Owner updates fee (Maybe in the future: Users input what price the Enigma entrace fee shall be. (Pushes number into array)).
  • viewEnigma: Allows you to view the current fee to enter the Enigma & the amount of funds in the Enigma.
  • decryptEnigma: Owner distributes funds accumulated from rogue HackerBots to accounts that have paid to enter the RoguePool. (Maybe in the future: decryptEnigmaPortion: allows users to decrypt/redeem their portion manually)

Future Implementations

BountyBot 💸

The BountyBot has a list of people/organisations to hack, in which upon completition, you will receive ERC-721 NFTs that can be exchanged for Credits.


  • emergencyWithdraw()



Update Credits.sol



灵感来源于寿司(游戏“the Division”和“Cyberpunk2077”。我想创造一个未来社会的真实版本,在这个社会里,一切都是在线的,全息图无处不在,控制论无处不在。基本上,我尝试为这些世界中的一个创建货币,能够加密你的信用(本币),并将它们转移到黑客开始黑客攻击(相当于下注)。黑客潜入超世界的政府银行系统,伪装成银行账户,从银行收取利息。然而,黑客利用特殊的技术来操纵和提高自己的基准利率,随着时间的推移,造成了信贷产生的热潮。




BotNet 🤖 - 僵尸网络🤖





  • 符号:返回ERC20令牌的符号credits。
  • 名称:返回ERC20令牌的名称,credits。
  • 小数:返回ERC20令牌的小数,credits。
  • totalSupply:返回ERC20令牌的totalCreditsSupply,credits。
  • balanceOf:返回tokenOwner的creditBalance。
  • 转移:调用内部函数&u transfer,使用recipient&amount输入来处理所有的脏活。
  • transferFrom:调用内部函数u transfer,其中包含tokenOwner address、该tokenOwner address要向谁传输以及传输多少,同时从中扣除津贴邮件发件人.
  • 批准:更新邮件发件人允许从消费者的余额中支出。
  • 查看零用钱:获取有零用钱的人和允许他们消费代币的人的地址,并返回第一个地址可以消费的金额。
  • 生成编辑:允许所有者创建信用并将其发送给特定用户,同时将其添加到总供应中。
  • 删除信用:允许所有者从其帐户中删除信用,从而降低总供应量。
  • 接收:如果以太错误地发送到合同,则恢复发送。


  • 购买可信字节:允许早期投资者用乙醚交换可信字节。
  • ConvertCredityStoCredits:允许用户将其信用转换为信用。
  • setRateu EthToCredibytes:允许所有者更新以太到学分的转换率。
  • 设置可信字节到信用:允许所有者更新可信字节到信用的转换率。
  • 更新最小要求:允许所有者更新参与ITO的eth的最小数量。
  • 敲定:允许所有者提前敲定初始代币供应(ITO)。
  • 接收:如果当前块大于timelock激活块,则恢复发送,否则将指示发送到buyCreditsu Forth。

黑客👥💬💰 [正在工作]

  • 加密u和u Hack:您向HackerBot输入一个encryptAmount信用额度,然后HackerBot对资金进行加密。转换后,黑客开始黑客攻击,30天后,初始注入的资金总额增加2%。不过要小心,黑客一次只能开始一次攻击。如果你想取回你的资金,你必须等待它完成黑客或中止。
  • 解密部分u And u beginnewwhack:在允许用户解密更多信用后,开始一次新的黑客攻击,如果用户愿意,还可以提取一部分加密的黑客资金(例如以前完成的黑客攻击的利润)。
  • 解密和赎回:黑客攻击完成后,您可以解密资金并将初始金额+利润转入您的信用余额。
  • 取消黑客攻击:允许您取消当前正在进行的黑客攻击,将资金转移回您的信用余额,无需任何罚款或利润。
  • viewHack:显示存入HackerBot的初始加密余额、黑客攻击后的加密余额、黑客攻击后的利润以及黑客攻击完成前的剩余时间(以秒、分、小时和天为单位)。


  • 存入乙醚:将乙醚存入交易所。
  • 提取乙醚:从交换中提取乙醚。
  • 存款信用:将信用存入交易所。
  • 取款信用证:从交易所取款信用证。
  • 余额:检查输入用户的输入令牌地址余额(即输入用户的以太地址余额)。
  • makeOrder:为用户创建一个等待填写的订单。
  • 取消订单:允许订单的创建者取消订单。创建者可以通过订单id删除他们创建的任何订单。
  • fillOrder:允许用户填写已下的订单。
  • 回退:如果以太错误地发送到合同,则恢复tx。



  • enterEnigma:用户付费进入Enigma。
  • 离开谜:用户可以选择离开谜。
  • 更新费:所有者更新费(可能在将来:用户输入Enigma进入费的价格)。(将数字放入数组中)。
  • 查看谜:允许您查看输入谜的当前费用和谜中的资金金额。
  • 解密之谜:所有者将流氓黑客累积的资金分配给支付进入流氓池的账户。(可能在将来:DecryptEnigmaPart:允许用户手动解密/兑换他们的部分)



赏金机器人有一个要破解的人员/组织列表,完成后,您将收到ERC-721 NFT,可以兑换成学分。


  • EmergencyRetrach()



Update Credits.sol


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