基于区块链的毕业设计Little Debbie’s Collector Club – 小黛比收藏家俱乐部

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Little Debbie's Collector Club - 小黛比收藏家俱乐部

Little Debbie’s Collector Club

Each year, fans of Little Debbie (LD) gather to tell stories about the snacks they have encountered over the last 12 months. The annual dues allow the members to enhance the very popular, very sophisticated Little Debbie Collector Club (LDCC) website, which catalogs the details of their beloved LD snacks.

Currently, the LDCC members are not able to update or create new content themselves – they have always relied on us, the developers, to handle this functionality.

This year, however, they have a little more funding! So they’ve hired us to add some new features to the site, like the ability to update (PUT) and create (POST) content, along with a few other vital requirements…

We will be hiring an intern to add numerous snacks to the DB. If you would like to be considered, please send your resume to LD at LDCC.com

MVP Features

  1. Last year, they ran out of money before the details page could be completed. The first feature is to display the full value of each property on the details page(not the id). Hint: Use one of json-servers relationship features.
  2. Anyone visiting the site needs to log in, however there is only one admin, LD herself. Everyone else will not be an admin. This needs to be reflected in the data. Hint: you will need to add isAdmin: false to the register user object. Check your data for accuracy.
  3. The number of toppings has exploded! LD has been going over the top with so many variations… LDCC can barely keep up! To help out, it has been determined that there should be a list of toppings stored in the database, and there should be some way to mix and match the toppings with the snacks!
    • Each snack should be able to have multiple toppings, (or no toppings at all).
    • Each topping should be able to go on multiple snacks, (or no snacks at all).

Hint: What type of relationship will this be? What tables will need to be created in the database? Be sure to share your ERD with the instruction team.

  1. The snack detail will need to display all the toppings for the one snack. Make this a comma separated list in a paragraph.
  2. With the new topping tracking system, the club members would love to have the option to display snacks with particular toppings. Something like, show me all snacks with chocolate icing. The dropdown menu should read from the toppings list in the DB and be displayed in the navbar. The dropdown list of all toppings should trigger a call to DB for only those snacks and then display them.
  3. For the first time in years, LD has a new type of snack – cereal. It is expected that over the next few years the trend of new snacks will continue. The club would like the ability to add a new snack type to the type table in the DB. They have also requested that the new Oatmeal Creme Pie Cereal be added immediately to the list of snacks in the DB. You will need to make an object that includes the properties of the snack table in the ERD and post it to the DB with Postman.
  4. Only the admin user should have the ability to Add A Type. Currently the only admin is LD herself. Only display the Add Type if LD is logged in.


Before you begin any code, use the ERD script and paste it into DBDiagram. Complete the relationships based on the MVP requirements. Share with the instruction team to get an updated snacks.json file.


  1. Add the functionality to add and edit a Topping – but only for admin users.
  2. Add the functionality to add and edit a snack – but only for admin users. This one is tricky since there is an option to have multiple toppings.
  3. Add the functionality to edit a snack – but only for admin users.


  1. Ask questions about the requirements to ensure you are meeting expectations.
  2. After you complete each feature add, commit, push, and merge to github.
  3. Share your progress with the instruction team.

To run this project

  1. run json-server in the API directory.
json-server -p 8088 -w snacks.json 
  1. serve the index.html on your local machine.

This exercise utilizes the following:

  1. Javascript modules
  2. Javascript object fundamentals: properties, key, and value
  3. Adding/augmenting an object
  4. Loops/iteration
  5. Conditionals
  6. eventListeners
  7. Related data
  8. Filtering data
  9. DB calls: POST, PUT, GET.

Little Debbie's Collector Club - 小黛比收藏家俱乐部







  1. 去年,在完成详细信息页面之前,他们已经用完了资金。第一个特性是在details页上显示每个属性的完整值(而不是id)。提示:使用json服务器关系特性之一。
  2. 任何访问该网站的人都需要登录,但是只有一个管理员,LD本人。其他人都不是管理员。这需要反映在数据中。提示:您需要将isAdmin:false添加到register user对象。检查数据的准确性。
  3. 浇头的数量激增!LD的变化太多了。。。LDCC几乎跟不上!为了帮助解决这个问题,我们已经确定数据库中应该存储一个配料列表,并且应该有一些方法将配料与零食混合搭配起来!每种零食都应该有多种配料(或者根本没有配料)。每种配料都应该能够搭配多种零食(或者根本不吃零食)。


  1. 小吃详情需要显示一份小吃的所有配料。在段落中用逗号分隔列表。
  2. 有了新的配料跟踪系统,俱乐部会员希望能够选择展示带有特定配料的零食。比如,给我看所有加巧克力糖衣的零食。下拉菜单应从数据库中的Topings列表中读取,并显示在导航栏中。所有配料的下拉列表应该只触发对DB的调用,然后显示它们。多年来,LD第一次有了一种新型零食——谷类食品。预计未来几年,新零食的趋势将持续下去。俱乐部希望能够添加一个新的零食类型的类型表中的DB。他们还要求立即将新的燕麦片奶油派麦片添加到DB的零食列表中。您需要在ERD中创建一个包含snack表的属性的对象,并用Postman将其发布到DB。
  3. 只有管理员用户才能添加类型。目前唯一的管理员是LD本人。仅当LD已登录时才显示Add类型。
  4. 添加添加和编辑顶部的功能-但仅适用于管理员用户。




  1. 添加添加和编辑零食的功能-但仅适用于管理员用户。这是一个棘手的,因为有一个选择有多个浇头。
  2. 添加编辑零食的功能-但仅限于管理员用户。
  3. 询问有关要求的问题,以确保满足期望。


  1. 完成每个功能后,添加、提交、推送和合并到github。
  2. 与指导团队分享您的进度。
  3. 在API目录中运行json服务器。


  1. 上菜索引.html在本地计算机上。
json-server -p 8088 -w snacks.json 
  1. Javascript模块

This exercise utilizes the following:

  1. Javascript对象基础:属性、键和值
  2. 添加/扩充对象
  3. 循环/迭代
  4. 条件
  5. 事件侦听器
  6. 相关数据
  7. 过滤数据
  8. DB调用:POST、PUT、GET。你知道吗
  9. DB calls: POST, PUT, GET.




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