Solidity-ETH-USD-Fetch-Chainlink – 链的坚固性区块链毕设代写

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  • Remix IDE
  • Funds in wallet, on Rinkeby network
  • Truffle IDE (including @truffle/hdwallet-provider)

This is a dapp utilizing Chainlink to fetch ETH/USD prices from Rinkeby test network, and like all oracles, it requires a fee. Because of this, the smart contract cannot be tested without connecting using the configuration file, which is configured to connect to Rinkeby network using Infura and a MetaMask wallet. This dapp has been successfully been tested through Remix IDE via an Injected Web3 environment to Rinkeby network with the same MetaMask wallet mentioned before. But due to some problems with the development environment I have installed, I was unable to migrate these contracts onto Rinkeby via Truffle and therefore was unable to test using Truffle. The written tests can be found in the ‘test’ folder. The contract in question can be found in ‘contracts’ folder.

Pros of Chainlink:

  • Easy to integrate
  • Cheaper oracle fee that Oraclize(now Provable-things)
  • Completely decentralized

Cons of Chainlink:

  • The new conversion rate takes 15-20 minutes to be updated on Chainlink exchange addresses

In the field of finance, decimals have long been the cause of loss of large amounts of money to rounding off. With this in mind, Solidity did not keep decimal support. Inspired from this, the option to use raw information, which denotes actual exchange value without decimal,and returns the decimal places along with it, has been kept in the dapp.


createRate() //Creates new entry in convPrice[] public excgRates at the back noOfStoredRates() //Returns number of stored rates deleteRateByIndex(uint x) //Removes an entry of exchange rate in excgRates array readRateByIndex(uint x) //Displays ceiling value of exchange rate readRawDataByIndex(uint x) //shows conversion rate without decimal, and decimal places for it updateRate(uint x) //Updates rate value of given index avgRate() //Finds average conversion rate, ceiling value rawAvgRate() //Shows avg conversion rate without decimal, and decimal places for it



  • 重新混合IDE
  • 钱包中的资金,在Rinkeby网络上,Truffle IDE(包括@Truffle/hdwallet provider)
  • 易于集成

这是一个dapp,利用Chainlink从Rinkeby测试网络获取ETH/USD价格,和所有oracle一样,它需要付费。因此,在没有使用配置文件连接的情况下无法测试智能合约,该配置文件被配置为使用Infura和MetaMask钱包连接到Rinkeby网络。这个dapp已经成功地通过Remix IDE通过一个注入到Rinkeby网络的Web3环境,使用前面提到的相同的MetaMask钱包进行了测试。但是由于我安装的开发环境存在一些问题,我无法通过Truffle将这些契约迁移到Rinkeby上,因此无法使用Truffle进行测试。笔试可以在“test”文件夹中找到。有关合同可在“合同”文件夹中找到


  • 更便宜的oracle费用Oraclize(现在可以证明的事情)
  • 完全分散
  • 在Chainlink交换地址上更新新的转换率需要15-20分钟


  • The new conversion rate takes 15-20 minutes to be updated on Chainlink exchange addresses



createRate()//在convPrice[]public exgrates的后面noOfStoredRates()中创建新条目//返回deleteRateByIndex(uint x)中存储的汇率数//删除exgrates数组readRateByIndex中的汇率条目(uint x)//显示汇率readRawDataByIndex的上限值(uint x)//显示不带小数的转换率及其小数位数updateRate(uint x)//更新给定索引的速率值avrate()//查找平均转换率,上限值rawavrrate()//显示不带小数的平均转换率,小数位为


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