Masamoon Token – Masamoon代币区块链毕设代写

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Masamoon Token

Masamoon is a self-regenerating automatic liquidity providing protocol that pays out static rewards to holders and penalizes sellers.

Step-by-step Instructions for Purchasing MASAMOON Tokens

  1. First, obtain some Binance Coin (BNB):

    -Buy BNB directly from Binance here:

    -Or, purchase it from other centralized exchanges

  2. Download and install a MetaMask wallet on your computer or phone (and be sure to backup your password, private key(s) and secret recovery phrase):

    -Also make sure you add and switch to the Binance Smart Chain (Mainnet) within your wallet. Review these instructions to learn how:

  3. Go back to the site or app where you purchased BNB and send it to your MetaMask wallet address (it is located near the top and looks something like ‘0xC444…3CBA’ ~ it is highly recommended that you copy and paste it directly, rather than inputting each character manually to avoid mistakes and financial loss)

  4. Go to PancakeSwap:

  5. Connect your MetaMask wallet

  6. Your BNB balance should show up as the ‘From’ currency in their Exchange/Swap

  7. Click ‘Select a currency’ in the ‘To’ box and input the MASAMOON contract address: xxxxx

  8. Click ‘MASAMOON’ and verify it is the correct token

  9. Input the amount of BNB you want to spend or tokens you would like to acquire (make sure you leave enough BNB in your wallet for tx/gas fees)

  10. After purchasing MASAMOON, open your MetaMask wallet, make sure you are connected to the Binance Smart Chain network (drop down near the top right, next to your account icon), click the ‘Assets’ tab and then ‘Add Token’

  11. Copy and paste the MASAMOON contract address: xxxxx

    -The fields should self-populate

  12. After you have added MASAMOON to your wallet, you will be able to see the balance, as well as send and receive tokens

    -These instructions can be applied to any BEP-20, or even ERC-20, token

    -Remember, you can always see more detailed information about your wallet, and other wallets, on BscScan:

Learn more about the Masamoon Project in our white paper: xxxxx




  1. 首先,获取一些比拿斯币(BNB):-在这里直接从比拿斯购买BNB: -或者,从其他集中式交换机购买
  2. 在您的计算机或手机上下载并安装MetaMask钱包(并确保备份您的密码、私钥和秘密恢复短语): -还要确保您在钱包中添加并切换到Binance智能链(Mainnet)。查看这些说明以了解如何:
  3. 返回您购买BNB的网站或应用程序,并将其发送到您的MetaMask钱包地址(它位于顶部附近,看起来像“0xC444…3CBA”~强烈建议您复制并直接粘贴,,不要手动输入每个字符以避免错误和财务损失)
  4. 转到PancakeSwap:
  5. 连接您的MetaMask钱包
  6. 您的BNB余额应在其兑换/交换中显示为“发件人”货币
  7. 单击“收件人”框中的“选择货币”并输入MASAMOON合同地址:xxxxx点击“MASAMOON”并确认其为正确的代币
  8. 输入您想要花费的BNB金额或您想要获得的代币(确保您钱包中留有足够的BNB用于支付tx/煤气费)
  9. 购买MASAMOON后,打开您的MetaMask钱包,确保您已连接到Binance智能链网络(右上角的下拉菜单,靠近您的帐户图标),单击“资产”选项卡,然后单击“添加令牌”
  10. 复制并粘贴MASAMOON合同地址:xxxxx-将MASAMOON添加到钱包后,字段应自行填充,您将能够查看余额,以及发送和接收代币-这些说明可应用于任何BEP-20,甚至ERC-20代币-记住,您始终可以在BscScan上查看有关您的钱包和其他钱包的更多详细信息:
  11. 复制并粘贴MASAMOON合同地址:xxxxx


  12. -这些说明可应用于任何BEP-20,甚至ERC-20,代币



Learn more about the Masamoon Project in our white paper: xxxxx


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