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Working with different Solidity tools & libraries to get some experience as a Blockchain Developer

Transactions, Wallets and Hashing Step by Step Summary

  1. Transaction Signatures ensure authenticity of transactions
  2. Signatures are generated from Private Keys
  3. Public Keys and Addresses are generated from Private Keys
  4. Private Keys have to be kept secret & safe at all costs
  • The private key is sent to a function called Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm to generate a Public Key (64-bytes long). This is a one way functionality, you can’t take your public key and generate your private key. With this public key, you can create an Ethereum Account (Keccak Hash of the last 20 bytes of the public key )

Cryptographic Hashing Intro

The ideal cryptographic has function has 5 main properties:

  1. Deterministic, same message should always create the same hash
  2. Quick
  3. One way function, can’t go back to find input once hashed
  4. Small change to input should create a drastic change to the hash value
  5. No collisions between hash values. Each input generates a unique value

Remember, without hashing, there is NO BLOCKCHAIN. If you change the contents of one block, you need to change/adjust every single block after. This is because the changes will generate a new hash value.

Learning Solidity Step By Step with Labs and Slides

  • Smart contracts is a piece of code running on the blockchain, it can be thought of as a state machine that changes states based off transactions. It can do logic operations, state change happens through mining + transactions

  • Solidity code is compiled into EVM bytecode

  • Every high level programming language gets converted to bytecode. Solidity is derived from ECMAScript .

  • Every public variable in solidity will create a public that the user can interact with in remix

  • Turing complete means a system in which a program can be written that will find an answer (although with no guarantees regarding runtime or memory)




  1. 交易签名确保交易的真实性
  2. 签名由私钥生成
  3. 私钥必须保密&无论如何都是安全的
  4. 私钥被发送到一个称为椭圆曲线数字签名算法的函数,以生成一个公钥(64字节长)。这是一种单向功能,您不能获取公钥并生成私钥。使用此公钥,您可以创建以太坊eth帐户(公钥最后20个字节的Keccak哈希)
  • 确定性的,相同的消息应始终创建相同的哈希



  1. 快速
  2. 单向函数,散列后无法返回以查找输入对输入的微小更改会对散列值产生剧烈更改
  3. 散列值之间没有冲突。每个输入生成一个唯一的值
  4. 智能合约是在区块链blockchain上运行的一段代码,可以将其视为一个基于交易改变状态的状态机。它可以进行逻辑运算,状态变化通过挖掘+事务发生。稳定代码被编译成EVM字节码。每一种高级编程语言都被转换成字节码。坚固性源自ECMAScript
  5. 每一个稳定的公共变量都将创建一个公共变量,用户可以在混音中与之交互。



  • 图灵完成意味着一个系统,在该系统中可以编写一个程序来找到答案(尽管没有关于运行时或内存的保证)
  • 稳定代码被编译成EVM字节码

  • 每种高级编程语言都被转换成字节码。坚固性源自ECMAScript

  • solidity中的每个公共变量都将创建一个公共变量,用户可以在remix中与之交互。

  • Turing complete是指一个系统,在该系统中可以编写一个程序来找到答案(尽管没有关于运行时或内存的保证)


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