Free TON Solidity Visual Developer – 自由吨固体可视化显影剂区块链毕设代写

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Free TON Solidity Visual Developer


  • Advanced Free TON Solidity Language Support
  • Code Augmentation
  • Source Exploration

Free TON Solidity Visual Developer is the Solidity Visual Developer clone. It’s use Base Grammar for Solidity: vscode-solidity.

This extension contributes semantic highlighting, a detailed class outline, advanced Free TON Solidity code insights to Visual Studio Code.

You can customize this extension for your needs! Show/Hide/Enable/Disable features in preferences → Settings → Solidity Visual Developer: solidity-va.*


Method 1: Install by going to Visual Studio Market Place and click Install.

Method 2: Bring up the Extension view in VS Code and search for Free Ton Solidity Visual Developer and click Install


Semantic highlighting and solidity insights for passive security awareness. Most features are configurable (preferences -> Settings -> Solidity Visual Developer)

Themes (preferences -> Color Theme):

Free TON Solidity Visual Developer - 自由吨固体可视化显影剂 Free TON Solidity Visual Developer - 自由吨固体可视化显影剂 Free TON Solidity Visual Developer - 自由吨固体可视化显影剂

  • Visual Auditor Dark – based on the “Atom One” theme
  • Visual Auditor Light (Visual Studio) – based on the standard “light (VSCode)” theme
  • Visual Auditor Solarized Light – based on the standard “Solarized Light” theme
Syntax Highlighting
  • access modifiers (external, public, payable, …)
  • security relevant built-ins, globals, methods and user/miner-tainted information (, tx.origin,, block.*, now)
  • storage access modifiers (memory, storage)
  • developer notes in comments (TODO, FIXME, HACK, …)
  • custom function modifiers
  • contract creation / event invocations
  • easily differentiate between arithmetics vs. logical operations
  • make Constructor and Fallback function more prominent
Semantic Highlighting
  • highlights StateVars (constant, inherited)
  • detects and alerts about StateVar shadowing
  • highlights function arguments in the function body
Review Features
  • audit annotations/bookmarks – @audit - <msg> @audit-ok - <msg> (see below)
  • generic interface for importing external scanner results – cdili json format (see below)
Code Augmentation
  • Hover over Ethereum Account addresses to download the byte-code, source-code or open it in the browser
  • Hover over ASM instructions to show their signatures
  • Hover over keywords to show basic Security Notes
  • Hover over StateVar’s to show declaration information
  • Cockpit View
    • Explor and focus on solidity files in your workspace
    • Generate report/graphs for any files/folders selected in the explorer views
    • Selectively flatten files
    • Search for contracts that are likely to be deployed in the system
    • Context-sensitive views: click into a contract in the editor to list public state-changing method
    • Get quick access to extension settings
  • Outline View
    • populates VS Code outline view with sourceUnit and contract layout
    • contracts, stateVars, methods, inherited names
    • annotates security relevant information (visibility, …)
    • calculates complexity rating
    • annotations functions with information about whether they are accessing stateVars

免费吨Solidity Visual Developer


  • 高级自由吨坚固性语言支持
  • 代码增强
  • 基于“Atom One”主题

Free TON Solidity Visual Developer是Solidity Visual Developer的克隆版。它的使用基础语法的坚固性:vscode坚固性


您可以根据需要自定义此扩展!在首选项中显示/隐藏/启用/禁用功能→ 设置→ Solidity Visual Developer:Solidity-va.*


方法1:转到Visual Studio市场并单击“安装”进行安装

方法2:在VS代码中打开扩展视图,搜索免费的Solidity Visual Developer,然后单击安装


语义突出显示和Solidity insights以获得被动安全意识。大多数功能都是可配置的(首选项-&gt;设置-&gt;Solidity Visual Developer)


Free TON Solidity Visual Developer - 自由吨固体可视化显影剂 Free TON Solidity Visual Developer - 自由吨固体可视化显影剂 Free TON Solidity Visual Developer - 自由吨固体可视化显影剂

  • Visual Auditor灯光(Visual Studio)-基于标准的“灯光(VSCode)”主题
  • 访问修饰符(外部、公共、应付等)
  • 存储访问修饰符(内存,存储)
  • 注释中的开发人员注释(TODO,FIXME,HACK,…)
  • 自定义函数修饰符
  • 契约创建/事件调用
  • 轻松区分算术运算与逻辑运算
  • 使构造函数和回退函数更加突出
  • 突出状态变量(常量、继承)
  • 检测状态变量阴影并发出警报
  • 突出显示函数体中的函数参数
  • 审核批注/书签[email protected]&lt;msg&gt;@audit ok-&lt;msg&gt;(请参见下文)
  • 用于导入外部扫描程序结果的通用接口-cdili json格式(请参见下文)
  • 将鼠标悬停在以太坊eth帐户地址上以下载字节码、源代码或在浏览器中打开它
  • 将鼠标悬停在ASM指令上以显示其签名
  • 将鼠标悬停在关键字上以显示基本安全说明
Code Augmentation
  • 将鼠标悬停在StateVar上以显示声明信息
  • 驾驶舱视图探索和focu在工作区中的solidity文件上为在explorer视图中选择的任何文件/文件夹生成报告/图形有选择地展平文件搜索可能部署在系统上下文相关视图中的合同:在编辑器中单击合同以列出公共状态更改方法快速访问扩展设置
  • 探索并关注工作区中的稳定文件
  • 为在资源管理器视图中选择的任何文件/文件夹生成报告/图形
  • 有选择地展平文件
  • 批注安全相关信息(可见性,…)


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