Chess Question – 棋题区块链毕设代写

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Chess Question


You have been provided with a third-party library libraries which calculates the legal moves a knight can make given a position on an Chess Question - 棋题 board. The library has been used to create a GameRunner which moves a knight randomly around a board, given an initial starting position and a total number of moves to make.


Extend this GameRunner to set up an Chess Question - 棋题 square game board containing several different pieces in predefined positions.(by implementing the ComplexGame contract and implement runComplex where it’s used) For each move of the game, the GameRunner will choose a piece at random, and move it to a randomly selected valid position.

You are not allowed to change any of the libraries code.

Extend the GameRunner and contracts involved as required.

  • Use Object Oriented Design and Modeling appropriately for extensibility.
  • Make the contracts easily upgradable, take, if we want to add more chess types or change the board size, we don’t need to re-deploy the old game contracts.
  • Implement the deployment process in deploy.ts
  • Add more unit tests if needed

Game Rules

  • Only one piece can occupy any position on the board at a given time.
  • All pieces can “jump” any occupied position.

Note: Although the game bears a striking resemblance to Chess, this is entirely coincidental. Do not assume other chess rules apply.

Game Pieces to support:

  • Knight – Moves as implemented by libraries
  • Bishop – Moves diagonally, any distance within board boundaries
  • Queen – Moves diagonally, horizontally or vertically, any distance within board boundaries



您已获得一个第三方库,该库计算骑士在Chess Question - 棋题棋盘上给定位置的合法移动。该库用于创建一个游戏者,在给定初始起始位置和总移动次数的情况下,游戏者可以在棋盘上随机移动骑士


扩展此GameRunner,为游戏的每一步设置一个Chess Question - 棋题方形游戏板,在预定义位置包含多个不同的棋子。(通过执行ComplexGame契约并在使用的位置执行runComplex),GameRunner将随机选择一个棋子,并将其移动到随机选择的有效位置



  • 适当使用面向对象的设计和建模以实现可扩展性
  • 使契约易于升级,如果我们想添加更多的棋类或更改棋盘大小,我们不需要重新部署旧的游戏契约
  • 在deploy.ts中执行部署过程
  • 如果需要,添加更多的单元测试


  • 在给定的时间内,只有一个部件可以占据电路板上的任何位置
  • 所有棋子都可以“跳跃”任何占据的位置



  • 骑士-由库执行的移动
  • 主教-沿对角线移动,棋盘边界内的任何距离
  • 女王-沿对角线、水平或垂直移动,棋盘边界内的任何距离


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